Before I let go…

Beyonce’s documentary concert, “Homecoming” aired on Netflix on April 21st and I was glued to it even though I was burning up with fever at the time. There is no disputing the monumental epic nature of it’s undertaking and incredibly detailed and passionate execution.  I still have only viewed it once because once I started playing the album on Tidal, I just never stopped.

I recommend playing it at maximum volume in your home if possible. Get your whole entire life together with this Black ass big band Beychella mash up. You can’t listen to this album sitting down. This is a balls to the walls sweat your hair out, knees to the chest, dutty whine dutty whine, jump up vibe. If you have any soul, (and I know that you do) prepare to shed pounds.

A few of my personal favorite parts of Bey’s directorial debut were definitely the moments of struggle that she conveyed about getting her body back into performing shape after giving birth to the twins and promising herself that she was never again going to push herself as hard as she did after having Blue.

Seeing Beyonce in her rehearsal element, no make-up, big baggy sweaters, feeling psyched to be able to fit into one of her old performance outfits and face-timing Jay about it; these were moments where it really hit home to me that one of the many things  I love about Beyonce is the level of control she has over her own image and creativity, over what parts of her life she allows people to see and the detail and intention she puts into everything she does. Her vision is so precise, so purposeful and what’s more, the joy and passion that emanates from her team of dancers and band members is just infectious and electrifying. I’m certain that if the camera only focused on one corner of performers on that pyramid of rafters that everyone in that section would have hit every mark like they were the stars of the show. Because they were.

Even the audience was on fire! They were on this incredible ride and you could feel it. Nobody was looking at the cameras. They were focused on the Queen and all the gifts she brought to the stage. They were edgeless and exhilarated.

The “Before I Left Go” challenge which Beyonce showcases on her IG stories has been so fun to watch. The variety in choreography, and the people whose routines she has chosen to share are just so telling not only about the ways in which her music moves us all but also about the ways in which she uses social media as a tool to unite many of us in this one moment, in movement, in dance, and in culture. She covers the Black R&B classic by Frankly Beverly whose approval and praise I hear was very high, and then hands the floor over to us, to me and you and your kids and grand parents, Aunties and Uncles, chosen families and friends and more to do a routine that I’m pretty sure will make it into weddings, graduations, Bar Mitzvahs, living rooms and dance floors everywhere.

It is nothing short of inspiring. I won’t be ready to let go any time soon.

Ooh, ooh, ooh 
I just wanna have a good time
Turn around, hit them slides 
Swirl yourself to the right now…



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